Family Friendly Camping - Mount Pleasant Farm, Dorset

Here's a parent's eye review of family friendly camping at:

Mount Pleasant Farm from snow_bunny April 2009

Boy and dad lying on the grassHoliday Type: Beach

Was Mount Pleasant Farm good for the kids?:

Superb! We ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! What an experience- unbelievable! We did not expect it to be that good at all. My husband was really sceptical : “Oh, dear- camping…tents….What am I putting myself into?...”. And now he is the first to advertise Feather Down Farms! He thought it was just great. My 13 year old son told me it was better than holiday in Australia (which he really enjoyed!). We would love to go back again!

Overall holiday rating: 5 stars

What was your accommodation at Mount Pleasant Farm?

Type: Campsite

How was the accommodation for the children?:

Accommodation suitability for children rating: 5 stars


Did you eat out with your children at Mount Pleasant Farm and how was it?

Eating out for children rating: 5 stars

They have a small shop on site where you can buy all essentials- milk, bacon etc. Bread is freshly baked by the owners of the farm and delivered to the tent in the morning. Eggs can be collected by your children early morning too. We mostly cooked in the tent and we also went out for a pub meal once or twice.

How were the things to do for the children at Mount Pleasant Farm?

Activities for children rating: 5 stars

Guided walks around the farm, eggs collection, bbqs. The beach is very close, so perfect for kids too.

Anything else parents should know about Mount Pleasant Farm?

There is no electricity, so no computers or tvs- just enjoy the unspoilt holiday with your family! Sit outside with the glass of wine when children are in bed and listen to the sounds of nature and TALK,TALK,TALK with your other half.

Do you love the idea of introducing your children to nature? Why not head on over to the Featherdown Farm days website where you can find more information on Mount Pleasant Farm.

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