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Galway, Ireland from, March 2011

View of Galway City Centre looking at the bright yellow evergreen pubWhere did you stay in Galway?

Name: Park House Hotel, Galway City Centre

How was the Park House Hotel for children?:

This hotel is at the center of Galway, Ireland and a spectacular location for getting out and about in the city. The decor is a bit dated in the common areas (think brass and crystal) but has lovely (quiet rooms) that worked excellent for our family. We received a room with a queen size bed and a twin. We pushed this together and had a lovely and LARGE bed for myself, husband and 18 month old.

Overall accommodation rating: 4 stars

Did you eat out in Galway with your children and how was it?

The hotel is situated directly across the street from a supermarket so we were able to pick up snacks, milk and the like at any hour. Ireland boasts a nice selection of children's foods (organic and not). We also found that the restaurants and cafe's were extremely child friendly! If you dined early you might find yourself surrounded solely by families. We enjoyed a nearby restaurant called McSwiggens were they went to great lengths to bring out different tidbits for our little one who was having a "picky" time with her dinner that night. They were so kind!

Overall restaurants rating: 4 stars

Are there things to do for the children in Galway?

here is not much activity in the hotel as it is a small boutique hotel. However there is a nearby large pedestrian walk way that has lots of shops, cafes, etc. that is great for toddler toddling. We also enjoyed the park/walkway along the primary river that runs through the city. We found plenty of green space along the shore as well for some walking about. However, the wind and weather was not conducive to swimming.

Overall activities rating: 3 stars

Any other things you think parents should know about taking children to Galway?

We were exploring Ireland by car and this resort was a great location to stop in for our Galway night. We only spent the one night before moving on and enjoyed the hospitality, the location and the accommodations. The hotel is a wonderful landing spot but not ideal if you plan to spend too much time INSIDE the hotel!

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Photo courtesy of Scarto via Flickr

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