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Family of starfish on a sandy beachPlaya de Barro, Asturias, Spain from Tanya, August 2010

Holiday Type:
Beach holiday – sun, sea and sand
From: Tanya

Your overall rating as a holiday suitable for children: 4 stars

Was Playa de Barro, Asturias good for the kids?:

Playa de Barro is a small beach, 5km from Llanes village in Asturias.  The resort is very appropriate for the kids. It is a very calm area. No night clubs, no discotheques, no noise. Just pure nature, a lot of space and fresh air, a very calm sea. The major advantage of the Asturias beach is its climate. It is not very hot, but warm enough to swim in the sea. The temperature of the water in July-August is around 20-24 degs centigrade.

How was your accommodation in Playa de Barro?

Type: Apartment (with a kitchen)
Name: Private apartment

How was the accommodation for the children?:

Accommodation suitability for children rating: 5 stars


Did you eat out with your children in Playa de Barro?

Eating out for children rating: 4 stars

Normally we cooked for the kids buying ingredients in the local shop located in the camp site (200 metres from the beach). There are 5 more shops in the villages on the beach (distance less than 1 km). There are very fresh vegetables and fruits brought from the closest villages and sold on the street. Sometimes we ate out in one of the closest restaurants. One of the best particularities of the Asturias kitchen is seafood, that might be an issue with some children. But meat and poultry meals are also good. Asturias is an agricultural area, so the food is of very high quality. Restaurants might be expensive, but the meals are very big, so you can share them with your children.

Are there things to do for the children in Playa de Barro, Asturias?

Activities for children rating: 4 stars

This place is appropriate for kids who like spending time outside bathing in the sea, playing ball on the beach, building castles of the sand, climbing the hills, feeding sea-gulls, observing nature's beauty. The children who are looking for active entertainment of the Disney Land type might be bored in this place. There is a horse riding club. The children from 4 years old can take horse riding trips to the mountains with an individual coach or within a group. The standard trips take 20 minutes or 1 hour. This was one of the favourite daily entertainments for my daughter of 9 years old.

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