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River Lee, Cork, IrelandCork, Ireland from, March 2011

Holiday Type: City break


Is Cork, Ireland good place to take children?:

The City was adorable.  The hotel was an absolute gem! Perfectly located with beautiful views, fabulous rooms and great hospitality.

Overall holiday rating: 5 stars

What was your accommodation?

Type: Hotel
Name: River Lee Hotel

How was the River Lee Hotel, Cork for children?:

The hotel rooms were excellent. Two double beds provide ample room. A lovely window seat/nook that provided a great play space for the baby along with a beautiful river view, a fridge in the room, large bath & shower, ample space, and an on-site indoor pool for the rainy afternoon when we needed to have some playtime.

Overall accommodation rating: 5 stars

Did you eat out in Cork with your children and how was it?

Traveler beware - Cork is the "food capital of Ireland" and almost all the restaurants require reservations. Once you have this sorted out you will find that most places are extremely catering to your children. Child seats every where and warm service. We loved the nearby English Market where you can go browse from various venders to snack or sit down and eat at their open cafes. Note that it closes at 6pm!!

Overall restaurants rating: 5 stars

Are there things to do for the children in Cork

The indoor pool was a lifesaver when we needed a break from the rainy weather. Swim caps are required for adults but can be purchased if you don't own one. The large open spaces and window views gave our little one loads to look at and space to roam. We utilized the space a good deal since she was stroller strapped most of the time outside of the hotel.

Overall activities rating: 4 stars

Any other things you think parents should know about taking children to Cork?

The city was adorable. We also travelled to the next county over to visit the Blarney Castle which is a wonderful and very large space. You can spend hours here visiting the castle and the surrounding gardens. A great open space for your tots. We managed to kiss the Blarney Stone with the help of our baby backpack. It would otherwise be unsafe to bring your small child in to the castle as the terrain is not suitable for anyone less than 5 to 6 years of age.

Does Cork take your fancy? You can book the River Lee Hotel, via (click to take a look) and enjoy some good Cork cooking for yourself and your kids.

Photo courtesy of Phillie Casablanca via Flickr

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