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Rome, Italy from Stacey, February 2011

Toddler with her hands in the Trevi Fountain, RomeHoliday Type: City Break
From: Stacey


Is Rome, Italy good for the kids?:

Rome is a beautiful city filled with things to do! Plazas, parks & other monuments allowed for lots of time to play and exercise. However, the streets were less than stroller friendly. Cobblestone is quite popular.

We were very pleased with the time of year we choose as it was chilly but sunny and pleasant, and off-season meant little queuing to be had in most places. Of course, we always started early in the morning and found our way back to the apartment for nap time before heading back out again.

Overall holiday rating: 4 stars

What was your accommodation?

Type: Apartment
Name: RhomeyLets

How was the accommodation in Rome for the children?:

After extensive research we rented a one bedroom apartment and it was a fantastic way to spend the holiday with our young toddler. The owner prepared a fabulous meet & greet basket that contained all sorts of snacks for Parents and Tot and it was much appreciated after our travels. Coffee, teas, Maps, guides, and a long list of other
household items were provided. She even offered a laptop and local cell phone for use during your stay. While not for everyone, we can not speak more highly of the apartment and the owner herself. She was so kind and the apartment was an adorable, quaint little gem that made us feel like we lived in Rome.

If traveling back with our daughter, we wouldn't stay anywhere else. It's a ten to fifteen minute stroll from Old City Rome (Colosseum, Imperial Fora, etc.) and only a three to five minute walk from Vatican City.

A travel crib was provided by the owner and was in perfect condition. Clean and pressed sheets, bedding and pillow were also provided for the crib... more than we expected! The space was ample enough for our little one to explore. The nights were astoundingly
quite as the apartment is tucked into corner of a residential plaza. The apartment met every need you could imagine you might have; washer/dryer, dishwasher, fridge, stove, etc. We didn't have to look far for anything and it assisted in having a wonderful stay with our little one. Other than television, there were no games or children's activities in the apartment, but we usually bring our own entertainment items and our little tot had some fun with the pot and pans and a couple of wooden spoons!

Overall accommodation rating: 4 stars

Did you eat out in Rome with your children and how was it?

Yes! We stopped at restaurants near the major sites whilst touring. EVERYWHERE we went they were more than willing to assist us with the baby. Unfortunately our stroller did not always fit! And the bathrooms (in the basement floor) where never with enough space for a proper diaper changing. We tried to change her at large tourist spots as most bathrooms had changing tables. We utilized a restaurant and grocery near the apartment quite often. We were able to pick up milk for the baby and also find food for the taking. The apartment is tucked into an Italian neighborhood that had little to no hotels nearby so the local restaurants were fabulous. The food for the taking at Franchi's included every pasta you can imagine along with meat and fish dishes, artisan cheeses and fresh bread. Absolutely delicious. The owner provided a list of local spots and a map with each one circled (how easy is that when a little one is starving?!). A nearby gelateri was an instant favorite.

Are there things to do for the children in Rome?

There is a child's museum near the zoo in Villa Borghese but we opted not to visit them. The Vatican was a child friendly location with stroller check in and plenty of place to explore. St. Peter's Basilica is not be missed and boasts so much for a little one look at - top to bottom. We steered away from other museums but managed to successfully see the top sites of Rome during our stay.

Any other things you think parents should know about taking children to Rome?

Two things to keep in mind when traveling to Rome with young ones. The apartment is on the second floor and the elevator is very small (too small for our stroller). We had no problem carrying it up and down the stairs, but be aware of that. Second, there is no bath tub. We had no problem filling the shower with a bit of splash water for our 16 month old and have done this before while traveling.

Photo courtesy of Peanuttt via Flickr

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