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baby and child friendly holidays - Salou, Costa Dorada, Spain

This review comes from a holiday maker who travelled with friends and their children.

Salou, Costa Dorada, Spain from Kathy, July 2009

Baby on sand playing with bubblesHoliday Type: Beach; sun sea and sand
From: Kathy

Was Salou, Costa Dorada good for the kids?:

The resort was amazing, there were two pools, one for the children and one for adults. With a poolside bar and entertainment all day with fun party games we couldn't have gone to a better place. My friends kids won a couple of games and really enjoyed it. At night there was more entertainment although to be fair it was quite samey, but the kids enjoyed it. The rooms were lovely, spacious and had a nice balcony. Great food too with special section for the kids, would def go back.

Overall holiday rating for children: 5 stars

What was your accommodation at Salou, Costa Dorada?

Type: Hotel
Name: Mediterranean Village

How was the accommodation for the children?:

Accommodation suitability for children rating: 5 stars

Excellent, food provided especially and good facilities.

Did you eat out with your children in Salou and how was it?

Eating out for children rating: 4 stars

Yes, good food provided in the hotel.

How were the things to do for the children at Salou?

Activities for children rating: 4 stars

Took them to port adventura the local themepark which they loved,
the beach, shopping etc.

Anything else parents should know about Salou?

Go There!

Check out the Mediterranean Village Salou for your self on the Thomas Cook Website

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