Sterilising baby bottles abroad

Deciding how to sterlise your baby bottles abroad needs a little careful planning before you travel. 

Check what facilities are available at your hotel or self catering accommodation and see here, what we recommend as your best sterilising option while on holiday.

Bottle sterilising by microwave:

Call ahead to your hotel accommodation to check if a microwave will be available to you.

These Lindam Microwave Steriliser bags (left) are super handy for travel abroad with a baby as they take up very little space and are easy to use.  You can fit two bottles (and accessories) in each bag and each bag can be used up to 20 times.  

Sterilising bottles abroad with tablets:

Sterilising tablets such as those from Milton, or these ones (right) from Oasis, are ideal for sterlising bottles abroad.  Just pop the bottles in water with a tablet for 30 minutes and the job's done.  You can also use them to wipe down any surfaces you want to ensure are sterile for your baby like a loaned high chair.

And if you don't know if there'll be a container suitable, we have the ideal solution for you.  This pop up bucket (right) is great for sterilising and would be really handy if you were camping.

Sterilised disposable bottles

If you're constantly travelling and have the space, then disposable sterilised bottles may be the best option for you.  These one use bottles might come in handy to keep in the car, or as a spare for that "just in case" moment.

These fast flow bottles (left) from Vital Baby Nuture hold 240ml and come in a pack of 4 from Amazon, where they qualify for free supersaver delivery.