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BubbleBum Competition!

Bubblebum3Hello family travellers.  We have a fantastic competition for you this week.

Win a BubbleBum inflatable booster seat

You may well have read our review of our the BubbleBum inflatable car booster seat here on the BabyAbroad Blog.  If you did, you would know how much we rate this fantastic travel product.  Two years on from that review, we are still using ours regularly.  Being, able to deflate it to put in your hand luggage, makes it great for travel especially for use in taxis, hire cars, etc. and in our day to day use if we have extra kids in the car, it comes in very useful then too.  And so, we are super pleased that BubbleBum have given us one of their funky new Black and Silver boosters to give away to one lucky BabyAbroad reader.

How to enter

Most of us have taken a long car journey with the kids and we all dread that phrase “Are we nearly there yet?”, particularly if it’s 5 minutes into the journey!  Kids love music and it’s a good way to pass some of the journey, so we were wondering which songs keep your kids entertained.

All you have to do to enter our fantastic BubbleBum comp is to answer the following question with a comment in the comment box below.

“What is your child’s favourite song to be played or sung on long car journeys?”

Competition closes midnight Thursday 4 July 2013. Entry is limited to one per person. Please note that automated entries will be deleted.

Don’t forget to tell your friends.

Do remember to share this comp on facebook and twitter using the buttons below… you don’t want friends to miss out on the chance to win one!  And if you don’t want to miss the competition results or other fantastic prizes, add your email address to that box there in the right hand column of the blog to receive updates direct to your inbox.

Find out more about BubbleBum

Fore more information on BubbleBum head to their website: or find them on facebook or twitter.

Good Luck!!!

Find us on:ThePrizeFinder – UK Competitions

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217 Responses

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  3. daniele watts django unchained scene says

    I understand that it’s not good, but a was surprised so much on

  4. jessica hartridge says

    I can`t read the most part o text, is site down?

  5. Lyndsay says

    My baby loves the German song was mussen wir fur baumen sein.

  6. Lisa Pope says

    The Wheels on the Bus

  7. nicola white says

    my little man loves gangnam style x

  8. Becky Downey says

    sean likes skyfall

  9. victoria thurgood says

    At the moment rudimental waiting all night

  10. Nicola Lynch says

    Beautiful by Labyrinth

  11. Alexandra Blue says

    my children love the pink floyd song, see emily play, for journeys in the car

  12. Solange says

    The Wheels On The Bus

  13. sharon Williams says

    she’ll be coming round the mountain…

  14. Sarah Alcock says

    I once went away for the weekend and when I came back my then 4 year old knew all the words to Tenacious D’s “Tribute”!! He still loves to sing along loudly to it in the car!

  15. JAN says

    Diamonds by Rihanna at the top of her voice “SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND” over and over again

  16. Annabelle says

    The Grand Old duke of York

  17. shirley anne adams says

    wheels on the bus and old macdonald had a farm lol :)

  18. sarah bourner says

    bon jovi always

  19. Claire Nelson says

    Old MacDonald

  20. Victoria Cunniff says

    Candy by Robbie Williams as I’ve always got it on in the car

  21. julie baxter says

    my kids love gangnam style

  22. Farhana Haque says

    The wheels of the bus and twinkle twinkle

  23. Bernie says

    Daddy’s taking me to the Zoo tomorrow!

  24. Claire Wilkinson says

    we have a car cd which consists of bruno mars, olly murs, take that & one direction, the one song we always have playing on repeat though is queen dont stop me now lol x

  25. elaine stokes says

    The proclaimers 500 miles, they do the accents and everything!!!!!!

  26. Elizabeth Williams says

    My son loves all the songs on the Megson When I was a lad… album, he particularly enjoys 5 little ducks

  27. joanne holton says

    good old favourites wheels on the bus, wind the bobbin up ect!!!

  28. kirsty parksepp says

    icona pop – i love it :)

  29. Susan Reynolds says

    Don’t Stop Me Now- Queen!

  30. deborah bowdich says

    wheels on the bus

  31. ROS IRWIN says

    Row, row, row the boat

  32. shell says

    the wheels on the bus

  33. Laura Mugomezi says

    the JCB song :)

  34. Jessica Entwistle says

    Anything that’s louder than Mummy’s terrible singing! ;) be it nursery rhymes or just general “na na na-ing” over grown up music!

  35. Ross Stevenson says

    My boy is only 2, but loves having – Chase & Status’ Lost & Not Found on in the car

  36. Erica Price says

    Gangnam Style (Sadly)

  37. Michelle Sparks says

    Olly Murs – Troublemaker

  38. Prerna Gupta says

    i have a dog,his name is BEN song

  39. DAWN TOTTON says

    The Wheels On The Bus…

  40. Jacki jackson says

    Wind the bobbin up

  41. Nicole says

    80s music, the kid songs do my head in!

  42. Alison Johnson says

    Old McDonald – we invented animals on longer journeys!

  43. Jane Middleton says

    Wheels on the bus

  44. lia burns says

    doc mcstuffins songs

  45. Robyn Logan Clarke says

    Im a dingly dangly scarecrow

  46. Kim neville says

    Five little monkeys jumping on the bed, 10 fat sausages sizzling in the pan

  47. zoey deacon says

    Bruno Mars The lazy song

  48. Kim neville says

    Five little moneys jumping on the bed, 10 fat sausages sizzling in the pan

  49. tiffany wills says

    she’ll be coming round the mountain when she comes .. i love to sing along too

  50. Petra Hora says

    Oh we love Wind the Bobbin Up

  51. Lesley Bain says

    Ten green bottles….sung very badly by mummy! ;) x

  52. Nancy Bradford says

    1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive.

  53. Danielle Williams says

    Olly Murs Troublemaker for my 3 year old!

  54. Kelly Ellen Hirst says

    Disney – mainly songs from the jungle book! Bear necessities is the fav

  55. Justin says

    wheels on the bus

  56. Sarah parker says

    shaun the sheep

  57. Julie H says

    Wind the bobbin up!

  58. Lynsey Ward says

    The Wheels on the bus! Actions are compulsory!

  59. Tracy Messenger says

    Old Macdonald had a farm, a timeless classic :)

  60. Natalie says

    At the minute it is defiantly gangam style by psy! Thanks to my brother who has him learning the dance moves to goo with the constant singing :) god love him sounds more like woof woof woof woopa :) cutie.

  61. peggy rossiter says

    Never Smile at a Crocodile and Incey Wincey Spider

  62. Mahala says

    I am sexy and i know it by LMFO

  63. Claire Appleton says

    My 1 year old daughter loves listening to Incy Wincy Spider in the car and she has just started to do some of the hand movments :)

  64. Susan says

    the wheels on the bus

  65. Karen R says

    Old MacDonald had a farm!

  66. jennie jackson says

    The wheels on the bus

  67. lucinda duxbury says

    my daughter loves michael buble! so thats what we play and i am not complaining :)

  68. Caroline taylor says

    The wheels on the bus -we make up out own verses!

  69. Ruth Davies says

    Are we there yet because you said it wasn’t far!

  70. Paula Phillips says

    The wheels on the bus.

  71. olivia kirby says

    My little ones love the Justin Fletcher CD! Especially the first track, Best of Friends.

  72. Sue Robinson says

    My 4 year old loves We Will Rock You by Queen – he then sings the chorus all day long lol

  73. Janine Atkin says

    my son is a taylor swift fan so the album has to be played!

  74. kaye osborne says

    row, row,row your boat.

  75. Laura Silver says

    At the moment, the kids go crazy for Gentlemen by Psy… :P

  76. Claire Butler says

    gangnam style!

  77. Rachel B says

    the wheels on the bus :)

  78. Hayley Davies says

    Everyday i’m shuffling! lmfao

  79. Ursula Hunt says

    The Wheels on the Bus, always means fun

  80. Pamela Gossage says

    The Wheels On The Bus

  81. Laura W says

    The Sesame Street version of Sexy and I Know It – Elmo and I Know It (youtube) – she loves it!

  82. Diana Semionova says

    Music from In The Night Garden :}

  83. lynn neal says

    Special Delivery Service by postman Pat!

  84. SKL says

    Muppets Manamana

  85. Jamie Walker says

    The one that goes “in the jungle the mighty jungle”

    Googled it; The Lion Sleeps Tonight by The Muppets :)

  86. Rachel Hartwell says

    one man went to mow!

  87. karl newbold says

    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

  88. Samantha R says

    A kids song called the termite and the snake, we love doing the voice of the termite because its really silly. Me and my sister probably enjoy it more then the kids

  89. katrina walsh says

    At the moment its Down By The Station

  90. Lucy Carter says

    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

  91. James Holyland says

    Rock a bye baby

  92. Gwen Thomas says

    When we went on holiday to Spain, the mini disco had a song called chu chu wah. We listen to it in the car, and I must admit I like it too and turn it up loud!

  93. LEAH SULLIVAN says


  94. Becci Cleary says

    My 3 Year Olds is – Scream & Shout!! (Will I Am & Britney Spears)!!! She knows all the words!

  95. george brown says

    wheels on the bus or frere jacques

  96. Jo Booth says

    We have a nursery rhymes CD from ELC which she would listen to all day, but drives me crazy. Particular favourite of Wheels on the Bus :-)

  97. Michelle Hughes says

    My son likes anything and everything he ll bop along to anything and enjoys wiggling his bum.

  98. Kirsty Woods says

    My daughter loves her Mickey Mouse Christmas CD, ALL YEAR ROUND :)

  99. Kate says

    My children are being calmed down by polish reggae music :)

  100. Rebecca nisbet says

    My daughter loves the tune white noise, sheis only 2 but sings alot of the words lol

  101. HAYLEY WYNN says

    we event our own wheels on the car round and round mummy in the car goes…

  102. Natalie Crossan says

    My one year old daughter is obsessed with Psy. Any psy song :)

  103. Paula Harvey says

    10 Cheeky Monkeys – mainly because he has his own cheeky monkeyy who goes everywhere with him!!

  104. Emma Howard says

    My son loves his Moshi Monsters Twistmas CD

  105. juliean Kenny says

    jolene jolene jolene joooooooooleeeeeeeeeene I’m begging you

  106. Emily Nelson says

    My little boy loves his nursery ryhmes!

  107. Laura Linsey says

    My 3 year old daughter makes up her own songs about very random things! It keeps us all amused on car journeys!

  108. Helen McCarron says

    He loves singing ‘Our House’ by Madness! He only knows the chorus though and sings it over and over again!


    Dingle Dangle Scarecrow :)

  110. debbie abbott says

    My daughter loves anything by Adele, she has since she was a baby!

  111. leonie silk says

    my daughter is 5months old and loves any bob marley or ub40 :)

  112. Emma Ellison says

    Shake my sillies out! or Wiggly woo from our tuble tots cd x

    • Emma Ellison says

      tumble tots!

  113. Hannah Ellis says

    Gangnam Style – sadly!

  114. shane says

    The Wheels on the Bus

  115. Nicola says

    Gangham style.

  116. Sheila Sloan says

    The Wheels on the Bus

  117. claire little says

    gangnam style & gentleman

  118. Helen Dickinson says

    My little boy likes wheels on the bus :) x

    Thank you for a great comp!

  119. katy johnson says

    thanks to my husband, my oldest son who is now four has always loved stevie wonder! his favourite is ‘higher ground’. my one year old now dances in the car to it too, i cant remember the last time i chose the music in the car! worth it for the dancing and giggling though xx

  120. kristy brown says

    The Wheels on the Bus

  121. Leanne Newsome says

    Twinkle twinkle little star

  122. Michelle says

    Tom…the one and only…PSY (.Gangnam Style.)..and Grace …her latest is Queen ( we will rock you)…..

  123. Faye Ross says

    “Old McDonald had had a fun… Eeeee I eeee I OOOOooooooo… and on that farm he had a fun” repeat x 127 verses – no animals just fun apparently in Archie remix!!!!

  124. EMMA WALTERS says


  125. ana ramos says

    Old MacDonald had a farm

  126. Allan Smith says

    The Wheels on the Bus

  127. Ben says

    American rap, yeah, my kids aren’t normal. There favourite Is hypnotised by biggie smalls lol :/

  128. niki wardle says

    Old MacDonald had a farm but I have to make all the noises! :O

  129. Katherine Coldicott says

    Bit of an old one this, but my son loves Three Wheels on my Wagon.

  130. gillian york says

    Gangman style keeps grandson happy

  131. Carrie-Anne says

    miracle by cascada

  132. Lyndsay Hillson says

    Currently the song of the moment in the car is ‘I like to move it move it!’…since they love the film Madagascar!!! Mummy is on the other hand getting slightly tired of hearing it on repeat!!! ;)

  133. katie ashton says

    Gangham style my 2 yr old loves it “hheeeyyyy ssseeexxxyyyy lllaadddyy” the one line she knows too well lol

  134. Sandra Lane says

    My husband loves the Rolling Stones and my 7 year old sings along to Jumpin Jack Flash played loudly in the car.

  135. Victoria Savill says

    The Wheels on the Bus (again, again and again!)

  136. Farhana Choudhury says

    Postman Pat

  137. Lauren Pilkington says

    sam and the womp – bom bom

  138. Tracy Waldock Newton says

    The wheels on the bus, with lots of made up verses.

  139. anella says

    ‘baby’ by justin beiber she loves the song knows the word, she even does the rap. i must admit im not a fan but play it cos she loves it. x

    • Jane Meggs says

      Every song from Mamma Mia!!! My 3 year olds is addicted to them – prefers them to nursery rhymes and knows every single word

  140. Karen Barrett says

    Head, shoulders, knees and toes, which is fab because it’s hard work in the car and tires her out! :o )

  141. Marta P says

    The wheels on the bus

  142. caroline pawson says

    my daughter loves rhianna & Alicia keys so its between whats my name & girl on fire :)

  143. Rebecca Jayne Smith says

    At the moment, its Get Lucky by Daft Punk & Pharrell Williams!

  144. rochelle savage says

    Gangnam Style

  145. Kirsty Fox says

    It has to be Gangnam Style


  146. Gemma Williams says

    Old macdonald over and over and over again eeei-eeei ooohhh

  147. nicola james says

    a version of 3 blind mice on a complimation album,its hilarious,she’s nearly one,and sings in time and does the little squeals and laughs at the right time,brilliant.

  148. P Wendy Clayton says

    “Moova Jagger” better known as Move Like Jagger by Maroon 5, Don’t Stop Believing by Journey and Girl On Fire by Alicia Keys

  149. Jamie Dickinson says

    “What is your child’s favourite song to be played or sung on long car journeys?”

    The Wheels on the Bus.

  150. Alison t says

    The bing bing song, peppa pig!

  151. elaine robinson says

    the wheels on the bus

  152. Jane Lewis says

    sexy and i know it!

  153. Kate B says

    My boys love the Disney DVD We have in the car and I think My oldest likes ‘Dig, Dig, Dig’ from Snow White and my youngest likes ‘Hakuna Matata’ from the Lion King :)

  154. Lisa Walton says

    YMCA Village People and any party song always gets us all involved, helps to pass the time :)

  155. Val Hartley says

    Bob the Builder.

  156. Jill Osborne says

    One man went to mow

  157. Therese says

    We still sing gagnam style over here….

  158. Leah Wheatley says

    Poker face Lady Ga Ga

  159. gillian york says

    gangnam style

  160. Joanna tufan says

    Candy – robbie Williams

  161. lizanne wainwright says

    Olly murs – trouble maker

  162. Helen C Shaw says

    Little Bunny Foo Foo

  163. anthony harrington says

    Yellow Submarine

  164. suan watts says

    The wheels on the bus go round and round

  165. Holly says

    The Grand old duke of York!

  166. Samantha Fenn says

    Gangnam style!

  167. Paul Green says

    10 green bottles

  168. Cheryl Kean says

    We have lots of kids cd’s for the car but my kids love anything by barney the dinosaur !

  169. kayleigh bates says

    The wheels on the bus

  170. Samantha Smith says

    I have a whole CD on loop but daughter loves “the wheels on the bus” mostly!

  171. Ellie Bean says

    This sounds weird but Copacabana by Barry Manilow.

  172. princess pj says

    Gangnam style !!!! It drives me crazy x

  173. Laura Townsend says

    My Son is a rocker baby and loves anything by Nickleback he smiles everytime he hears them.

  174. jannetje hack says

    The wheels on the bus :)

  175. diane findlay says

    pollyphonic spree’s follow the day

  176. Tanita says

    Twinkle twinkle little star :) !!!

  177. amelia avossa says

    Gangdam style….not just for the journey but for everything!!!

  178. Katie says

    Gangnam style – including the actions!

  179. kelly edwards says

    all the single ladies-beyonce!

  180. Clare hubbard says

    Old MacDonald Had A Farm

  181. Kirstine Meredith says

    They love, We’re off to see the wizard :)

  182. StacyHappiness says

    They both absolutely LOVE ‘wind the bobbin up’ right now

  183. suzy moran says

    Bingo song

  184. Grant says

    Twinkle twinkle little star. She doesn’t get 100% of the words right yet, but she’s close! She also sings it when there are no stars out – she’s not bothered!

  185. Ashleigh says

    Old Macdonald had a farm!

  186. Kathryn Davies says

    Old MacDonald Had A Farm

  187. Bex allum says

    Twinkle twinkle chocolate bar song

  188. C Richards says

    Bizarrely, nine to five by Dolly Parton!

  189. cj wow says

    10 little monkeys jumping on the bed!!

  190. Rich Tyler says

    Hey Ho – The Lumineers :)

  191. Sarahann Tonner says

    Spice Girls – Wannabe!

  192. Andy W says

    Miles Kane – Don’t Forget Who You Are
    (and she’s only 19 months old)

  193. John Taggart says

    10 Green Bottles

  194. Martina says

    Row, row, row the boat

  195. Jackie Foster says

    The Wheels on the Bus

  196. emma cella says

    old mac donald had a farm

  197. Christopher Norman says

    harry belafonte – jump in the line

  198. ashley gourlay says

    honestly haha gangnam style lmao

  199. andrea lloyd says

    the wheels on the bus

  200. LAURA JONES says

    wheels on the bus

  201. Laura Pritchard says

    The Wheels on the Bus!

  202. Samantha J says

    Meet the veggies by Mr Bloom

  203. ,ieslLane says

    Cbeebies cd


    ………Old MacDonald had a farm – it has endless variations and Jake’s favourite bit is ………… E-I-E-I-O

  205. Catherine McAlinden says

    My 3 year old loves Meatloafs Dead Ringer for Love!

  206. Clare says

    I loathe playing kids CDs i’m afraid. They love bicycle by Queen – and now that’s driving me nuts too!

  207. jenny says

    who let the dogs out

  208. claire woods says

    The wheels on the bus

  209. Kathleen says

    We are Never Getting Back Together

  210. iain m says

    psy-gangnam style

  211. Anita says

    the wheels on the bus…

  212. Christine says

    The wheels on the bus! :)

  213. katarzyna says

    psy-gangnam style!

  214. kim f says

    anything by the muppets right now!

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