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Win a personalised holiday book for your child from love2read.

My holiday boy reading a Love2read bookToday we have a fabulous competition for you.   Love2read is offering 1 lucky BabyAbroad reader the chance to win a “My holiday…” personalised book.

Love2read let you upload your photographs to create unique books.  But these aren’t ordinary photo books. They are designed to help your child develop a love of reading. They do this by presenting the photographs and relating them to simple words.  Whether you’ve been on a winter break or simple away for the weekend you can hand pick your most precious digital photographs and have them transformed into a personalised reading book which your child will love to share with family and friends.  Continued…

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Taking your baby on a cruise… Any tips?

Baby on a cruise shipIs taking a baby on a cruise asking for trouble? Absolutely not! Babies can travel wherever you want to travel to, but you must make sure you are thoroughly prepared before you leave the port.

We all need tips from those who have “been there and done that” when approaching something new for the first time and taking your baby on a cruise, mini or mega, is no different.  Take heed of the following tips for cruising with babies below. Learn from the experts and you’ll find yourself basking in baby cruise heaven as opposed to scratching to get out of baby cruise hell! Continued…

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A family self-catering cottage holiday is perfect for little ones, and here’s why….

Mum, dad and kids enjoying fishing on a family self catering cottage holiday with Sykes Cottages.

Finding baby and toddler-friendly holiday accommodation whether you’re planning a foreign break or a few days closer to home can often be a stressful matter.  But, with just a little bit of planning, you can be looking forward to a stress-free break in the UK with Sykes Cottages.  There are many reasons why self catering when you have little ones in tow is a fantastic option and here are just a few of them… Continued…

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50+ ways to stay sane when flying with children

Flying with Children; Kids stowed in the Cabin Locker ona

Er…no, not one of the 50+ tips!

Flying with children can be a touch stressful at times.  We recently blogged about the behaviour of children on a flight and it’s affect on other passengers.  We think the key to de-stressing the flight for ourselves, our children and in turn, other passengers, is to be well prepared.  So here are our 50+ tips to getting prepared and enjoying your flight with your children.

Before you get to the airport

1. Pack well in advance (don’t graze the house last minute looking for things to throw in your bags)
2. Don’t let kids pack their own bags. If you do, check what they’ve packed. You don’t want them taking anything that could be confiscated by security!
3. Make a list of the documents you need to take and have them accessible
4. If you’re borrowing a buggy, make sure you know how to put it down before you get to the aeroplane steps!
5. Check cabin baggage allowance (size and weight) with the airline before you pack. Airlines are generally strict and an argument with them over whether yours will fit is stressful and could be costly if you have to put your luggage in the hold.
6. Take a small travel change mat pouch as there is little room in the aeroplane toilets for a full size change bag.
7. When flying with children, give your self more time. Allow enough time to arrive including parking the car, taking the bus to the airport. Lateness = stress from the start.
8. Have coins ready for trolleys if you have a lot of baggage.
9. If little one needs to sleep on the flight, take a travel pillow and blanket like a Snoozihedz. Continued…

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Bargain Travel Toys

This week on the BabyAbroad Blog, we bring you the best of baby and toddler travel toys available at bargain prices online.

First up is this play mat by Lamaze available from Amazon.  This pyramid play house is suitable through three developmental stages: stage 1 (0 months+) tummy time and lay & play, Stage 2 (6 months+) sit & play and stage 3 (9 months+) peek-a-boo and matching games.  It is a flat playmat, or a baby gym with hanging toys and finally, a peekabo house for older babies.

OK, it might not fit in your suitcase, but it’s perfect for putting in the car to take along on holiday, or even a short trip to the grandparents, giving your baby a safe, fun place to play.  At the moment, it’s available at the great price of £36.99 + £4.97 P&P* (rrp £64.99). Continued…

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Children’s behaviour on aeroplanes; how you can help dear traveller…

Relax! He’s finally sleeping…

Dear fellow traveller,

If you are one of those who sited kids as an irritant when flying on the recent blog post 7 ways not to irritate your fellow passengers by A luxury Travel Blog and, then I’d like to educate you on why we parents insist on taking the little irritants on holiday with us, what we can do to minimise your disturbance and what we would love you to do for us in return.

We don’t fly with children just to annoy you

Firstly, let’s make it clear, I won’t stop travelling with my kids.  I want them to see the world and experience new cultures, foods, sights and sounds.  I think it’s important that they become well rounded individuals and in my view, experiencing other countries adds to that. Now, I’m no new-age hippie and it’s not all about the culture, and just sometimes, we want to fly to seek a little sun like you. Trust me, the more my kids travel, the more they will be accustomed to the behaviour expected of them.  Just think how irritating you’d find them on their first flight as an uneducated adult! Continued…

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Top tips for planning your summer family holidays in the UK

Girls at Butlins on Bognor Regis BeachHere at BabyAbroad, we love to talk about holidays overseas, exploring new countries and seeking a little summer sun.  However, we still think the UK has much to offer holidaying families.  Think back to your own childhood holidays and we bet you had some great times right here on the UK coast.

So if you decide to spend your summer family holiday in the UK, here are our top planning tips: Continued…

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Your essential ski holiday with kids packing list

Kids in ski suits on their family ski holidayPacking for a ski holiday with children seems an immense task, so to make it easier for you, here’s our essential ski holiday with kids packing list.

Kids ski wear packing list:

• 2 x ski jackets and trousers or 2 x all in one ski suits
• 2 x thermals (long sleeved tops and leggings)
• 3 x ski socks
• 3 x t-shirts to wear over thermals
• 2 x fleece jumper or cardigan
• 2 x Ski gloves (or mittens depending on your preference)
• 1 x goggles (UV protective and with a strap long enough to fit around a helmet)

• 1 x helmet (an essential, but you don’t need your own, you can hire them along with your skis) Continued…

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Brittany Ferries with Children: A review

Brittany Ferries run ferry routes from Portsmouth, Poole, Plymouth in England and Cork in Ireland to France and Spain.  This week, we bring you a review of Brittany Ferries from one Babyabroader who travelled from France with her children and wanted to share her very positive experiences.

Brittany Ferries, A review from a BabyAbroader Mum…

The Normandie, the Portsmouth Caen ferry of Brittany Ferries

Hello BabyAbroad, I wanted to give you a quick write up on my recent experiences with Brittany Ferries. We live in France and I did a channel crossing on Brittany Ferries last week as a foot passenger with my eldest son to take him back to his Dad for the week.

I have experienced both the St Malo-Portsmouth route and the Caen-Portsmouth route both return. Both were crossing in the day and returning on the overnight ferry. I was a little nervous being a foot passenger since I am used to the driving experience which I find very easy however this was a whole new experience and I was very impressed. Continued…

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Do a home exchange in Italy this winter for a holiday with a difference

Here at BabyAbroad, we think self catering holidays are the easiest way to holiday with children and a great way to do that is through a home exchange.  To find out more, we’re handing over the blog this week to travel writer, Tracey Chandler and why she thinks a home swap in Italy is your key to a fabulous family ski holiday.

Home exchange for your family skiing holiday in Italy

If you’re looking for a family holiday with a difference this winter, why not go on a ski trip? Italy is a great destination in Europe for a ski holiday, with its warm sun, delicious food, fresh coffee (mixed with warming whisky, eggnog and cream to create a bombardino) and breathtaking scenery.

A ski holiday is also a great way of spending time together as a family. As you push off down the slope together, your kids will light up with excitement and forget they were whining and fighting, and you and your partner will feel exhilarated.

So what about accommodation? Keeping kids happy while staying in a hotel can be difficult, so having your own private accommodation near the slopes is the ideal option. This isn’t as difficult as you might think. You can find an affordable home exchange in Italy where you’ll feel right at home and be able to enjoy your holiday as a family. Here are some of the benefits of having your own accommodation.


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