Baby Food on holiday in Germany

baby being spoon fedBaby food, in the main, is similar to the UK with a wide variety of flavours. A list of flavours are translated for you below.  Brands found in supermarkets such as Edeka and Real include Hipp and Bebivita.

Use the HIPP search facility to find where HIPP baby food is sold in Germany.
Translations of flavours available in Germany:
Beef Rind
  Chicken Hühnchen
  Fish Fisch
  Lamb Lammfleisch
  (Tender) Turkey (Zarter) Pute
  Rice Reis
  Mixed Vegetables Buntes Gemüse
  Sweet Potato Süss Kartoffeln
Carrot Karotte
  Potato Kartoffeln
  Butternut Squash Butternuss (Kurbis)
  Cabbage Kohl
  Sweetcorn Gemüsemais
  Broccoli Brokkoli
  Peas Erbsen
  Pepper Paprika
  Apple Apfel
  Plum Pflaume
  Pear Birne
  Strawberry Erdbeer
  Raspberry Himbeer
  Blueberry Heidelbeer
  Banana Banane
  Milk Milch

Snacks for Baby and Children in Germany

Baby biscuits 'keks' and seasonal fruit are available as baby snacks. Yoghurts including baby yoghurts, fromage frais, cream desserts and plain and mixed fruit purees are plentiful for babies and older children.

Baby Cereals in Germany

Instant baby cereals can be found in german supermarkets from brands such as Hipp and Milupa.  Rice flakes are know as Riceflocken and Getreidebrei is Semolina porridge.

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