Baby milk on holiday in Germany

Baby drinking milkHere are the brands of milk available in Germany.  There are There are very few baby milk brands available in the UK that are also available in Germany, but alternatives can be found.  You are advised to check the contents of any milk or food product before giving to your baby as the ingredients may differ by country.  There are mineral waters available suitable for making up bottles.  Baby juice is also available and baby teas (tee) is also very popular.  To be fully ready for your supermarket experience, have a look at our information on supermarket opening times, trolleys and bag policies.

In the UK: In Germany: Buy it from:
Aptamil Aptamil Edeka, Real
Cow and gate Not known to be available  
Heinz Not known to be available  
Hipp Hipp Edeka, Real
SMA Not known to be available
Others baby milk brands available in Germany:  
  Bebivita Edeka, Real
Milupa Edeka, Real
Fresh whole milk is available in supermarkets.  It is called Frische Fettarme Milch (3.5% fett) in Germany.

Water and Other drinks

The tap water in Germany is safe to drink.  If you use mineral water, use a low sodium one.  Look for types low in sodium or Na on the analysis box on the bottle. 

Baby juice or saft are available and baby tee is very popular.

Using German Supermarkets

Supermarket opening hours are varied. Supermarkets are closed on Sundays and bank holidays.  If you are in desperate need on a Sunday, the airports and main train stations are exempt from the Sunday training rule and often have a small supermarket within the main building.

At the supermarkets, you will usually need a euro or 50 cents coin to use a trolley. Most supermarkets have trolleys with baby seats.

When buying fruit and veg, the supermarkets differ.  Watch what others do first.  In some shops like Rewe, Lidl and Kaisers, they weigh the fruit and veg at the cash point.  In Real you need to weigh them yourself via the picture coded scales and in Edeka, each item has a three digit code that you enter into the scales.  

Many shops now do not provide free plastic carriers so you need to buy carrier bags, a 'bag for life' or take your own with you.

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