Buy Nappies on holiday in Germany

Nappies are known as windeln in Germany.  Pampers are widely available in supermarkets under the same brand names as we know in the UK.  Wipes (feuchttücher) from Pampers, Hipp and the supermarkets own brands are available.

Useful baby items and translations

If you don't want to pack individual toiletries for each member of the family, you will find Hipp creams and baby washes.  Also popular are german brands Bübchen and Penaton.  In case you forget to pack something for baby, here's a list of useful items in English and German.
Baby bottle Babyflasche
  Breast pads Stilleinlagen
  Bibs Baby-Lätzchen
  Cotton buds Wattestäbchen
  Cotton wool Watte
  Dummy Beruhigungssauger
  Nappies Windeln
  Potty Töpfchen
  Small scissors Sicherheits Kinderschere
  Teats Flaschensauger
  Thermometer Thermometer
  Wipes Feuchttücher

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